Module Development

Part 3: Out with Features, in with Configuration Management

This article is part of a series called Drupal 8 Development Deconstructed about custom development with Drupal 8.

We're now going to create our Taxonomy Vocabulary.

No More Features

In Drupal 7, we used the Features module to export a wide variety of configuration structures, including Taxonomy Vocabulary structures. For Drupal 8, we can utilize components built right into Drupal Core to accomplish the same thing: Configuration Manager.

Drupal 8 Development Deconstructed

On November 19, 2015, the first officially supported version of Drupal 8 was released! Shortly after that point, there was a plethora of posts on writing Drupal 8 modules, most of them the infamous "Hello, World!" applications. Being a Drupal developer for several years, I eagerly scoured the Intertubes for information on module development with Drupal 8, reading everything I could get my hands on regarding Drupal 8 custom development.