Drupal BDD -- Looking for the presence of a form on a page with Behat

I am working on a project where I am writing some custom Behat steps, as the steps that come pre-defined with Behat, Mink and the Drupal Extension are simply not adequate for user friendly scenario steps. The step I just wrote and tested, which is fairly simple but makes writing scenarios for this particular project much easier, allows you to look for the presence of a form within a region of a page using its HTML ID or HTML name, and is outlined here.

Adding custom step stubs to your FeatureContext file automatically

I recently started using Behat for User Acceptance Testing with some of my client projects, and just ran across a very extremely useful snippet in the Behat Documentation, for automatically adding the Behat generated method stubs for custom steps to your FeatureContext class file.

Intel NUC D54250WYK

So, as part of my move to a more test driven approach to development, I acquired an Intel NUC D54250WYK for my latest hardware addition to my office.

This little sucker is not much bigger than my Apple TV. It comes with an Intel dual-core i5, and I added 16G of RAM and a 120GSSD card, as well as a wireless bluetooth adapter. Energy consumption is a whopping 27.5 watts. For those less techy types, the Core i5 is the same coprocessor that Apple was putting in the base 2013 MacBook Air. So basically I have the same performance in a 4 1/2" square, 1 3/4" high box. Nice.

Drupal Camp Atlanta

I attended DrupalCamp Atlanta this past weekend, and as has been the case with every DrupalCamp I have attended in the past, I was not disappointed.

The session on MongoEntity alone was worth the drive down. On top of that, two sessions related to projects using Drupal and AngularJS made it even more of a deal. Led a good BOF session on Continuous Integration and Behat, and all in all it was a great weekend. I walked away with alot of food for thought, and some new things in my repertoire to try.

Can't wait till the next DrupalCamp that I can attend!

Behavior Driven Development, Acceptance Testing and Behat

This post is part of my "Continuous Integration on a Budget" series, and covers the "whats" of Behat and other tools available to implement Behavior Driven Development as part of your Continuous Integration process.


Today, I'm playing with GitLab, a SaaS online code repository that is an alternative to GitHub or BitBucket. GitHub is great, especially for open projects. I have used Bitbucket for years, and it's a great service also. One limitation that BitBucket has that throws a little kink into my CI automation goals is that you cannot set a POST webhook through the API -- you can only set one through the user interface.