Installing Debian Jessie on my new IntelNUC i5 / i7

I am setting up a couple of devices on my home intranet for development, testing and continuous integration. I have an Intel NUC i5 that I bought a couple of years ago with a 120GB SSD & 16G RAM that is currently running Debian Jessie and is set up as my Jenkins CI server. I decided to add a couple of additional Intel NUCs to the network: Another NUC i5 and a NUC i7, both configured with 500GB SSDs and 16G RAM. Unlike the first Intel NUC, these came with WiFi cards onboard.

I decided to install Debian Jessie on these two devices as well since it's my Linux flavor of choice.

After an hour of trial and error and several unsuccessful installations, I did some digging. The default images for Debian Jessie are missing some firmware drivers that are needed to successfully configure the onboard Intel network card in the newer Intel NUCs. These drivers are available in a package that can be downloaded, which I did and placed on a second usb stick. During the initial installation I would get prompted to insert the media with the drivers, which I could only get recognized in the same USB port that the installation USB stick was in. When time came to switch back to the installation USB, the drive would never mount and I would continually get an error related to being unable to read the USB drive.

Did a bit more googling and came up with information related to the "unsupported" disk images that contained the non-free firmware drivers on the disk image. So I downloaded one, available at .

I followed these handy instructions to convert the downloaded image to a USB stick on my Mac, which are conveniently posted to the Ubuntu site here:

Started the Debian installation, and this time it went off without a hitch. Got the wireless card configured with no problems and Debian installed without a hitch.