Today, I'm playing with GitLab, a SaaS online code repository that is an alternative to GitHub or BitBucket. GitHub is great, especially for open projects. I have used Bitbucket for years, and it's a great service also. One limitation that BitBucket has that throws a little kink into my CI automation goals is that you cannot set a POST webhook through the API -- you can only set one through the user interface. This introduces a "manual" component into what is otherwise an automated solution to setting up a new development project through Jenkins.

GitHub has the ability to set POST webhooks through the API, but GitHub charges for private repositories, which most of my client projects use. So, I was looking for the best of both worlds (private git repos AND an API that lets you configures POST webhooks) and ran across GitLab. Set up an account with them today so we'll see how the API stuff goes.

I'll follow up and keep you posted!